Deleted unsaved work in Excel

  wee eddie 11:12 22 Feb 07

Just a moments thoughtlessness.

I do not think that there is anyway that I can recover it.

Any reasonable methods attempted as there is 2 hours entry work and formulae there!

  silverous 11:15 22 Feb 07

No way I'm aware of - VoG?

I recently had a similar situation - and now have the autosave turned on. Bit annoying popping up but does ensure you don't lose anything.

  Simsy 11:28 22 Feb 07

in the Recycle bin?

If not, I'm not sure you're going to be in luck, sorry.

Good luck,



  wee eddie 11:52 22 Feb 07

I was switching between different Spreadsheets picking up formulae, here and there, and as I had 4 open I decided to simplify my Desktop and closed the wrong one, deciding not to save the changes, as I didn't think I'd made any!

  xania 13:26 22 Feb 07

I didn't even realise tere was an autosave in Excel, but looking further I can now see that it is an add-in - type in AutoSave as a keyword in help.

  silverous 13:27 22 Feb 07

wee eddie - easily done.

  VoG II 14:06 22 Feb 07

In Tools > Options > Save look whether AutoRecovery is specified (in Excel 2003).

Also look in

C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\

  wee eddie 14:30 22 Feb 07

Re-building was much quicker than creation.

I got stuck on trying to record peoples age, using their DOB and Today's Date. That worked, but I have only managed to get it as a round number. Even when the Column if Formatted to 2 places of Decimals. e.g. I get 62 or 62.00 but not 62.42

  VoG II 14:35 22 Feb 07

="Age is "&DATEDIF(C8,TODAY(),"y")&" Years, "&DATEDIF(C8,TODAY(),"ym")&" Months and "&DATEDIF(C8,TODAY(),"md")&" Days"

where C8 houses date of birth.

  silverous 14:36 22 Feb 07

What is your formula?

I had my d.o.b. in say a1 and today's date in say b1 and did (b1-a1) / 365 in say c1 and get two decimal places once I format it as a number with 2.

  wee eddie 17:03 22 Feb 07

=(TODAY()-A1)/365.25 Where A1 is the DOB

VoG™'s Formula was nattier but this gave a smaller print-out,

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