Deleted 'My Briefcase' from USB stick

  sugarbabe 09 Aug 11

Hi i have accidentally deleted friends 'my briefcase' from their usb stick ad they had no other copy of their documents. Is there any way i can retrieve.

I deleted it cause not enough room on stick for files i was loading. So already copied new files to it

  BRYNIT 09 Aug 11

You could try Easeuse Data recovery wizard Free edition Click here

This should allow you to recover up to 1GB. No guarantees as you have already writen to the drive.

  sugarbabe 10 Aug 11

I have downloaded and recovered some files using 'file recover' it hasn't found my briefcase and some of the files when i try to open say not valid format.

Any ideas??

  sugarbabe 10 Aug 11


  sugarbabe 10 Aug 11

I tried with easeuse data recovery aswell but same problem says no valid format or opens word documents with convertor but not readable

  wiz-king 10 Aug 11

The original documents should still be on their computer, only the updates will be lost since they last synchronised.

  sugarbabe 10 Aug 11

Its not been sycronised since all the new documents have been saved to stick.

I have found link to them in 'recent' folder but cannot open cause just link

I was hoping there would be a record of it on the laptop they were created on. Found some files that were even older but not the files i want.

Just 4 word documents i need and can only find a link to them when i try open says not there


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