Deleted e-mails in Outlook Express

  loopyloo 17:15 22 May 04

I have been told that when you delete an e-mail in outlook express it is still stored on your hard drive somewhere and someone can still read them. It was suggested that I get a software program which cleans up all your deleted files. First do I really need one and second which is the best.

  Chronos 17:30 22 May 04

yes that is right. a good programme for what you want is "puffer" which writes over all the blank spaced on the HDD

  Fruit Bat 17:43 22 May 04

When you delete an e-mail it goes into your deleted items folder where youncan still read it if required.

To permently delete it highlite it in this folder and click on the red cross in the toolbar.

This deletes it as if you had deleted a normal file from the recycle bin. It can now only be recovered using specal software.

To make any file permenently unreadable you require is software as described by Chronos to overwrite the file prefeably severaltimes I use System mechanics incinerator for this.

  Chronos 18:00 22 May 04

just in case you need it, you can find it here

click here

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