Deleted Acronis images - Need to get them back!!!

  compumac 20:18 PM 07 Sep 11

I cannot believe that I have just deleted all of my Acronis images!!!!! before I start to panic - How good is Recuva for this situation, if at all? Answers please before Coronation Street starts so that I can go to bed and not suffer hours of tossing and turning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:25 PM 07 Sep 11

Do not write anything to the drive the images were on and Recuva should be able to find them.

  lotvic 20:27 PM 07 Sep 11 is about recovering a deleted .tib file, might be useful but also try a google search

  compumac 20:29 PM 07 Sep 11

PC isolated already with instructions to family to not even look at it. Never used Recuva at all. To ease my suffering - how does one use it in my situation?

  compumac 20:39 PM 07 Sep 11

Is the free version of Recuva OK for my situation or does it need the purchased version?

  compumac 20:39 PM 07 Sep 11

Is the free version of Recuva OK for my situation or does it need the purchased version?

  lotvic 20:57 PM 07 Sep 11
  lotvic 21:05 PM 07 Sep 11

As you have to install Recuva it would be best to install on another pc and hook up the other HDD as a slave or use USB caddy if you have one. Note that it says to restore the files to a different drive

(You don't want to risk overwriting the .tib when installing and you will want to store the .tib somewhere else)

  compumac 21:06 PM 07 Sep 11

Running Recuva now - First scan showed some tib files that I deleted last October. Am now running the long scan (two hours?). While that is running I can go and watch Coronation Street anyway. For years I have told people to sit on their hands before pressing delete!!!!!

  compumac 22:08 PM 07 Sep 11

Alas - Directory containing all Acronis imaages are gone! I was able to watch Coronation Street live anyway. Juat realised that I had created an image using Windows 7 at the beginning of August. Will now start creating fresh Acronis images. I still find it unbelievable that have deleted something as critical as images.

  lotvic 23:43 PM 07 Sep 11

"C'est la vie"


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