Delete restore folder?

  jogjog 21:08 09 Jan 08

Hi There

Is it safe to manually delete a restore folder (within system volume folder)? I am unable to start or re install system restore and have lost my service pack 2 cd. Im running xp pro with sp2?

Thanks for any advice

  Technotiger 21:10 09 Jan 08

Have you checked System Restore settings to see whether it is enabled or not?

  jogjog 21:16 09 Jan 08

I cant access sr from the control panel via system. I get an exception has occurred message.

  Technotiger 21:24 09 Jan 08

You do not access System Restore from the Control Panel. Right-click on My Computer, then left-click on Properties and System Restore tab - look to see if the box by 'Turn off System Restore' is ticked or not.

  Technotiger 21:26 09 Jan 08

If you turn System Restore off you will lose any/all of your Restore Points.

  jogjog 22:59 09 Jan 08

thanks for the reponse. sorry for the delay in the reply. I have no system restore tab in properties. I have tried a few different solutions I've seen online but none of them have worked. Basicly there is only 1 restore folder, I disabled sr some time ago, but it is 18gig big! I Know if you disable/enable sr it clears the restore points, but I cant do this. So I just want to delete this folder.

  Technotiger 23:04 09 Jan 08

that surprises me, are you sure that you are clicking on the correct Properties? as in My Computer!

I am wondering if perhaps you are confusing a Backup file with System Restore?

  jogjog 23:14 09 Jan 08

this is the name of the only folder in the system volume folder - _restore{2869A6C3-F5B0-4A43-9442-BB29C29F6322}

Inside this folder are 6 folders named rp625 - rp631.
I belive the system volume folder holds files which you need, so I dont want to delete anything I shouldnt.
A while ago I upgraded from a 20g hhd to a 60ghhd. I used some software that came with the new hhd to copy everthing from the old hhd to the new one. At the time this was around 18g woth of info could this have anything to do with the size of this folder?

  Technotiger 23:24 09 Jan 08

Hmm, that 18Gb sounds like a backup file of your old system, but I can't be sure. Restore is the word used to describe restoring a backup file. Perhaps this is why you may be getting confused with System Restore, which is a totally different thing.

I still can't understand why you have no System Restore tab in My Computer>Properties?

  Technotiger 23:27 09 Jan 08

I can understand you not having any System Restore Points in System Restore, if your new hard drive has only just been set-up, there would not yet have been time for the System to make any Restore Points.

  jogjog 23:47 09 Jan 08

Ive had the new hhd for over a year. I disabled system restore before the new hard drive. I guess I'll have to download service pack 2 and reinstall system restore then enable/disable it to clear the restore points if that is what this folder is.

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