Delete email without opening it?

  Graham. 15:37 07 Mar 08

I'm lucky in that I don't get spam these days, but a friend does. I believe if you open spam, it signals to the sender that yours is an actual address.

I can't see a way in Outlook Express to delete without it opening - even the right click option opens it.

  Ikelos 15:40 07 Mar 08

if you only click it once it does not open ,just highlights it, so you can delete it

  Eric10 15:43 07 Mar 08

If you are using the preview pane then emails open as soon as you click them so disable it from View, Layout. Now emails will only open when double-clicked and can be deleted from a right-click or dragged into the deleted items folder.

  Graham. 15:45 07 Mar 08

It may be my mouse is giving a double right click then. I'll find the receipt.

  Eric10 15:47 07 Mar 08

There's no such thing as a double right-click. It just counts as a single one.

  Graham. 15:48 07 Mar 08

Preview pane disabled. I can do it now - thanks both.

  Graham. 15:50 07 Mar 08

Try double clicking with the right button, you'll see what I'm getting.

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