Delete downloads?

  Housten 27 Aug 11

Good afternoon,

I won't bore you with the details, but I have downloaded a few programmes lately. I put them into my 'Downloads' folder and have realised that I have a fair few of them. As storage is not an issue I was wondering whether or not once a programme has been installed on my computer is it worth getting rid of the download? One of the things that has stopped is that if I need to do a re-install the programme is there ready to go. But if - as I am - doing backups I have the programme there already configured to my prejudices! I just don't know what to do and was wondering what others feel/do in the same situation!!

  sunnystaines 27 Aug 11

i keep the latest version of all my sofware downloads, handy to reinstall them if needed

  Graphicool1 27 Aug 11

Check these out, they're virtual...


They allow you to run most programmes off of an external drive, a pen drive or a disk. On any Windows PC, any OS. These aren't the only such FREE programmes of their kind, but they're the only ones I've tried so far.

The other one is VMware, with that I made an entire virtual XP OS on a Windows 7 PC. On the same drive without having to reboot. Cool or what!


  RussB78 28 Aug 11

Why not burn them to a dvd ready for when you need them again.

  Housten 28 Aug 11

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

I read your replies this morning, and thought about what you were saying/inferring and decided you were agreeing with me [ though I didn't say as I wanted unbiased opinions ] that keeping them was well worth it. However I didn't/don't see why I have to keep backing them up so I decided to transfer them to a pen drive and diverted myself by going off to see that this was a possible possibility. I found a 16 GB Kingston for £10.99! [ Then had lunch and GP had to be watched! You never know everything might go right for Jenson one weekend! ] It should be delivered by end of the week, so I will transfer them all over to the drive and I will, hopefully, be able to keep it plugged and my computer seeing [ I have another thread on my computer not seeing a pen drive ] it! As I will dedicate this drive to downloads, and at 16 GB, I can only hope this is big enough!! I suppose only time will tell.

In the meantime many, many thanks to you all for taking the time and trouble to reply.


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