Delete contents of temp folder safely?

  compumac 10:41 15 Nov 08

In C:\Documents and settings\My Name\Local settings\temp - it has a number of folders with a string of letters/numbers and when they are clicked on they reveal single Excel data files and references to an Acronis data backup that I had deleted previously.
I have in the past deleted any temporary files that are not in the current session.
Question:- Can I safely delete the contents of this temp folder?

  lotvic 11:21 15 Nov 08

The easiest way to delete the temporary files is to go to
Start > Run > then type in box %temp%
and click on OK
this brings up all the temp files and then you click the cursor in a blank part of the right pane
then press Ctrl and A (at the same time) to select them all
then Delete to empty the folder.

I do this every so often.

Temp files are just that - Temporary, and can be deleted.

  compumac 13:00 15 Nov 08

I know how to delete temporary files but these files are not shown as temporary files but are contained in a temporary folder. Can it be assumed that being in a temporary folder they can be deleted provided they are not dated in the present session?

  johndrew 13:14 15 Nov 08

If they are truly `Temp` files, then running something like Ccleaner should remove them. If however you have used a path to this folder to save some documents it may not.

It sounds to me that these files are the equivalent of .bak files made during document processing. If you have already deleted the files from their correct/expected location it would seem reasonable they are no longer necessary and can be safely deleted. If you are in any doubt or if problems occur, they can be recovered from the `Recycle bin` provided you have not emptied it in some way.

  lotvic 13:21 15 Nov 08


If you have a look in Start > Run > then type in box %temp%
You will see if the contents are the same. You just took a different route to the same folder.

  ronalddonald 13:23 15 Nov 08

thanks for letting me know about the %temp% inn start run section of the computer i just found over 500 files and deleted them. I didn't know you could do that thanks again.

  compumac 13:39 15 Nov 08

You were right the particular files/folders %temp% found are the same.
Thanks for that.

  compumac 13:39 15 Nov 08

You were right the particular files/folders %temp% found are the same.
Thanks for that.

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