Delayed start up of Internet Explorer on XP Home.

  Rogerfredo 09:13 05 Jun 05

When I start up my PC (XP Home), I usually have to wait about 5 minutes before trying to log on to the internet, otherwise I get the "unobtainable" screen. I sometimes have to reset the PC before I am successfully logged on.
I have NTL Broadband, and everything is switched on at the same time (including the modem).
Its as if the PC is busy. Anyone suggest a remedy?

  mottie 08:15 13 Aug 05

I have a similar problem in XPSP2. I run Mozilla Firefox as well as IE6. Niether comes up as quickly as they used to. I,m on BT Broadband 512Kbs and once they are open, have no problems.
As far as I can be sure, machine is as clean as a whistle from virus attacks, spyware, adware etc..
Hanging around is a bit frustrating but I can't find a solution.
Did you ever get your's fixed?
Obliged if you'll let me know.

  Rogerfredo 10:15 14 Aug 05

No. If I do a Ctrl/Alt/Delete to bring up the Windows Task manager, the "Windows Idle Process" reads 99 under CPU. What does this mean? The cpu usage graph shows only about 2% usage.

  dave_and_confused 10:33 14 Aug 05

If I do a Ctrl/Alt/Delete to bring up the Windows Task manager, the "Windows Idle Process" reads 99 under CPU. What does this mean?

it means that 99% of the time the CPU (Processor) is idling (doing nothing). This is normal if you have no tasks running.

  Rogerfredo 09:43 15 Aug 05

Thanks for the clarification. It seems obvious now!

  dave_and_confused 13:19 15 Aug 05

Have you scanned with Anti Virus and an Adware scanner?

  Rogerfredo 11:18 16 Aug 05

Yes. I believe it may be something to do with Zone Alarm.

  Steinmanstorm 12:59 16 Aug 05

Do you have broadband medic from ntl running? Can be a pain & slow up things. Failing that go & make yourself a cup of tea whilst waiting! LOL!

  sicon67 14:03 16 Aug 05

I was having a problem when my computer was taking ages to get onto the internet. I was running norton internet security which I had to re-install but the problem still existed. I then formatted my harddrive, cos I had no choice as the internet just wasn't responding.
In the end, I binned my wireless network set-up and got a new 54g wireless modem router and now my internet is superfast. I put it down to 3com router and/or the wireless access point I was using.

  Rogerfredo 08:57 17 Aug 05

I don't have NTL's medic running.
I have an ethernet wired router (Belkin) with NTL broadband cable modem. Once I am connected, speed is good. The only problem is this delay when first connecting. I think I can live with this and Steinmanstorm's suggestion of making a cuppa sounds good to me!
Thanks for all responses.

  Phphred 09:08 17 Aug 05

When I have problems thatI can't sort out, I re install SP2 Try it! Also try your Browser Tools/internet options/General/ settings and and shift the slider to between 5 & 60. As advised in "Pitstop"

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