delay startup in XP

  chuikingman 09:59 21 Nov 10

Hi, I use XP ,I want to delay the startup time in the startup folder .I do not want to install other party software .Can I edit the registry to achieve this ??Please give m detailed ...

  mgmcc 11:41 21 Nov 10

I'm not sure there is a way to delay the activation of shortcuts in the Startup folder. What you could do is to remove the shortcuts so that the applications don't start automatically when the PC boots. Then create a "batch" file which you can run to launch the additional applications once the PC has booted fully.

Information on batch files click here

  chuikingman 12:04 21 Nov 10

I want to find a way to dealy startup by configure the XP por edit the registry .
I do not want to use third party software or use batch file ...
Please advice .....

  tullie 13:16 21 Nov 10

How about run/msconfig/startup?

  chuikingman 13:24 21 Nov 10

how to do it ???
Please give out in detailed ????

  chuikingman 13:25 21 Nov 10

msconfig have no dealy the startup ....
I need delay the startup ....

  mgmcc 14:02 21 Nov 10

It might help if you were to explain what it is that you're trying to achieve. What is the "startup" that you are trying to delay?

  tullie 15:19 22 Nov 10

Having re read this its a mystery,most people want to speed things up.

  jtay78 10:33 25 Nov 10

why would you want to delay the start up ?
sorry if i sound a bit blunt !

  chuikingman 10:45 25 Nov 10

I delay tghe startup program as I need to wait for the network finish establishment and connect to internet .It is easy to understand .
Do jusify why I need to do that ...

  jtay78 10:55 25 Nov 10

how big is the network you have ? home or office ?



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