Del pics My Pictures results in many duplicates in

  Technotiger 16:48 01 Nov 06

Hi, my brain (yes still have one) is bit addled today - forgotten key to press when deleting multiple pics from My Pictures, so that they do delete - not Multiply. There was a recent Thread about this, with the solution, but Search does not find it.

Your help very much appreciated.


  Pamy 16:54 01 Nov 06

could it be a right click on one highlighted pic and then delete in the drop down box?

  Technotiger 17:04 01 Nov 06

Hi Pamy, you are on the right track I think, just jogging my memory - getting old you know - something about 'highlight the first then the last' then hold key (ctrl I think) then delete.
But I am not sure if I have got that right. I feel such a clot - help everybody else, can't help myself....doh...


  Pamy 17:07 01 Nov 06

shift highlights them all

  Technotiger 17:08 01 Nov 06

Thanks for trying, I think your answer is fine for deleting a single pic, but I am talking about deleting many pics at once. I know that if it is not done correctly 'deleting' actually results in multiplying where one can end up with hundreds of copies - that is what the Thread was about which I cannot find.

  Pamy 17:09 01 Nov 06

sorry click first, hold shift and click last, to highlight all between

  Technotiger 17:12 01 Nov 06

Pamy - got it, Yes Thanks ... shift, as you said and press Delete key rather than click on delete.

Been out in the cold today, the old grey matter getting a bit clogged up.

Many thanks again - all sorted.

Green ticked.


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