snooker 19:07 03 Apr 03

Can someone please tell me how to add the small circle after a number to show it is in degrees?
ie 90* (instead of the asterisk).


  €dstow 19:22 03 Apr 03

Alt + 0186 should do it but may not on thsi forum. I'll try ººº

Well, it's working here , don't know what it will be when it gets to PCA.


  €dstow 19:24 03 Apr 03

Worked for me!!

Got my s's and i's mixed up though.


  snooker 19:34 03 Apr 03

Thanks €dstow.
I get a line under the circle but thats close enough for me.

  carver 19:46 03 Apr 03

Well all I can say is "something new learned every day",any more typing lessons €dstow?.

  DieSse 20:36 03 Apr 03

Personally I just hit the º key - still there's Spanish keyboards for you!! (or the ª key and how about the ñ Ñ ¿ ¡ keys)

Sorry just couldn't resist ;-)))

  DieSse 20:41 03 Apr 03

PS - should have added, you can also use the Character Map for other hard to know symbols. Put it on the Quick Launch bar, and you can pop it up any time and symbol away to your hearts content.


for example

  Bacon & Eggs 20:43 03 Apr 03

Yes, on my keyboard it's on the button to the right of the zero (see:°).

I don't know what the Spanish keyboard layout is, but I use a French one ("Azerty". Comes in very useful for typing in French (éùàçèô etc)

  DieSse 21:15 03 Apr 03

Spanish can do é è Ç ê ö and the other variations on them, too. Don't have a £ tho' - but still we got a €, so that's ok!

  wee eddie 21:31 03 Apr 03

Insert - Symbol and there it is

  Rtus 21:50 03 Apr 03

You telekinetic ??? ( i just tried that as Id never bothered before..) ..I Opened word and insert symbol >>But its already on the degree symbol.......ready waiting 'eerie

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