Degaussing Coil near Hard Drive

  Avinitlarge 18:12 30 Aug 09

I have an external HD Bang next to a CRT monitor, Will the Degaussing coil affect the hard drive??

  MAT ALAN 18:14 30 Aug 09

A manual degaussing coil can affect the picture tube from ten feet away so since the hard drive has some metal shielding itself a safe bet would be 3 feet away from the hard drive. The safest thing is to take the hard drive out while degaussing and put it across the room from the degaussing operation.

  mooly 18:47 30 Aug 09

The field generated by the internal degauss coil is localised and many orders of magnitude below that generated by a coil with a soft iron core (the manual degauss wand). The shadow mask internal to the CRT concentrates the field from the internal coil, the intensity diminishing very rapidly outside the cabinet.
You will have no issues at all with the HDD nearby. And with a CRT you also have the field produced by the scan coils, again no problem.

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