Defragmenting issue

  Paneuro 09:59 07 Oct 06

My laptop has a partitioned hard drive with the smaller area (D drive) 5.42GB. After a recent forpar where I reset the computer to its default state in error, I now have a number of duplicate 620MB files on this drive leaving only 19% free. Defrag says it needs doing but it has no impact? I cannot find these files other than in the defrag 'view report' box where it has '620MB \PRELOAD|BASE.01.INP' repeated 5 times. Can anyone advise as to how I can delete the duplicate files.
Thank you.

  sil_ver 10:45 07 Oct 06

Not knowing too much about Laptops, I wonder if the 'View report' is picking up a hidden partition which contains the recovery files which are used in the event you have to re-install the operating system and you have no CDs containing it. If this is so then it would mean that your usable partition is getting full and you'll need to delete some unused apps. Then again someone with greater knowledge may disagree ;-)

  Paneuro 10:54 07 Oct 06

Thank you for response. I would agree with you but when looking on my d drive, I cannot find any files that it shows in the defrag report. The size of files shown on my d drive when looking in my computer only come to a matter of kb's not Gb's? That's my dilema. Any idea's where I need to look?

  Pineman100 11:18 07 Oct 06

Could these be hidden files? In order to display hidden files in Windows Explorer, click Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Themes>Folder Options.

On the View tab, under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders

  sil_ver 11:26 07 Oct 06

I think it's more of a 'Hidden partition' so that the stored files cannot be overwritten or corrupted (in theory) that's why you can't find them.

  Paneuro 11:33 07 Oct 06

Thanks guys, I have activated the display for hidden files as per Pinmans suggestion. Unfortunately it shows the same 4 small files on the d drive. One is titled 'Compaq Recovery Partition' and says not to alter or change it or it may prevent any future recovery. I suspect this is what has been repeated 5 times at 630Mb a go. However I cannot find the individual files. hanks for your help.

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