I was wondering why an operation that was working fine the other day would seem to stop working now.

When i try to defrag my hard drive all it seems to do now is just hang. When I usually select the defrag option the window would pop up straight away and allow me to select which drive to analyse or defrag now all it seems to do is hang, the window does pop up in the end but its slow when selecting to defrag the drive. I doubt I will be able to defrag my HD's again at this rate.

Sometimes a message pops up saying I'm trying to run more then one defrag program at a time which is not true.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem before?

  postie24 19:31 26 Jun 07

Try a system file scan.
Go to Start/Run/type sfc /scannow (Watch the space between sfc and /) hit enter. You will need your XP CD if prompted

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