chocolate cake 22:00 28 Jan 07


  chocolate cake 22:02 28 Jan 07


I'm experimenting with the windows defrag facility and have read several threads suggesting that all running processes should be shut down prior.

Would there be any significant benefits or otherwise to running the defrag in SAFE MODE?

Can I run it in SAFE mode?

  brundle 22:05 28 Jan 07

Which version of Windows are you using? XP requires defragging much less often than 98/ME.

Diskeeper Lite works on all of them click here

  Technotiger 22:06 28 Jan 07

Hi, in my opinion it is not necessary to shut down all running processess - I have 55 running and never shut any down to defrag. I use iObit Smart Defrag, it is great.

click here

  anskyber 22:11 28 Jan 07

I use Diskeeper and it works behind the scenes as I work on other things.

So I agree with Technotiger there is no need to shut down other processes. The general view is the built in defrag in XP does not work as effectively as Diskeeper or say iObit Smart Defrag.

  chocolate cake 22:15 28 Jan 07

Iobit Smart and Diskeeper; are they freebies and how do they compare to the ashampoo magic that I downloaded from the cover disc?

I have a part time occupation these days maintaining a large family and their computers.

  Technotiger 22:18 28 Jan 07

IoBit free. It also runs quietly in the background. Can't comment on Ashampoo, I don't use it.

  anskyber 22:38 28 Jan 07

Diskeeper 7 Lite is free here click here

  AB's 23:05 28 Jan 07

or O&O defrag which i like. I used to use diskeeper, but use O&O now and i prefer it.

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