lezzzz 07:58 27 Apr 04

My system seems to be unable to defrag.the small progress bar reads 0 even after 3 hours though the little coloured blocks continue to tumble throughout.I should add that I AM VERY MUCH novice please keep advice in simple language LEZEMM

  €dstowe 08:12 27 Apr 04

This ought to be in Helproom but, here's a starter.

How long is it since your last defrag or, if you've never defragged how old is your machine?

If your hard drive is heavily fragmented it can take a very long time to carry out any cleaning of the drive and I've heard of some drives taking nearly a whole day to complete the job.

If you think that the Windows defragmentation utility is not doing its job properly, I find this click here is excellent. You can get a thirty day free trial but, I was so impressed, I bought a site licence.


  Diodorus Siculus 08:38 27 Apr 04

Another option is to start the process in "safe mode" - press F8 at startup and choose safe mode.

This will mean that there is nothing running in the background which may be using the disk.

  mbp 14:28 27 Apr 04

I am sure you are aware that before you defrag, you should close down any active programs, your screen saver, and your anti-virus program. Don't forget to turn it bcak on after you have finished. The AV program often upsets the defrag program into thinking that there is an active program running.

  anchor 16:29 27 Apr 04

As €dstowe said, this would be much better in Helproom.

You do not say which version of Windows you are using. If it earlier than XP, (i.e. Win 98/ME), then try the free Diskeeper Lite.

click here

  squillary 19:31 27 Apr 04

The comment by Diodorus Siculus is wise advice. A friend of mine (ok, with a Time W98 machine) has never /ever/ been able to defrag. A very specific TSR halts the process which I discovered through trial and error (many of each). It works now (slowly) but starts clicking up from very early in the process, so they know it's working. Definitely try that.

  lezzzz 16:07 03 May 04

followed advice of anchor problem resolved with Diskeeper Lite thankt to all replies lezemm

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