defragment wont complete - keeps restarting at 10%

  Dangins 00:24 01 Jun 03

this happens repeatedly, it defrags until 10% and then says 'drive information changed - restarting'
its windows 98

  Beas-Knees 00:27 01 Jun 03

Shut everything down except sys tray and explorer and make sure that the screensaver is also turned off.

  powerless 00:39 01 Jun 03

OR keep tapping the F8 key when the computer starts and choose SAFE MODE. Defrag in safe mode.

  nigwel 01:00 01 Jun 03

Go to the run option in the start menu at the bottom right of the task bar and go to run and then type in msconfig and untick all thats in the startup section and then click aply. It will restart and then you will notice all is gone from your startup menu that will stop the defrag working.. Run defrag in this option and when its done return to msconfig and apply the ticks again and all will be back to normal..

  powerless 01:03 01 Jun 03

Whilst that is a good way to ensure nothing is running in the background. Its a little time consuming, unticking, restarting, defragging, restarting, putting the ticks back, retarating.

My post above at 00:27 bypasses all this. When you are in safe nothing also run apart from the windows basics.

Once its finished degraggind all you have to to is restart and you will end up back in normal windows where you can continue. (instead putting all the ticks back)

  Andsome 07:56 01 Jun 03

Download and try this, I absolutely guarentee that you will love it. click here

  BurrWalnut 08:30 01 Jun 03

Another thing to do for the future is to try to get hold of a WinME version of defrag.exe from a friend, it's much quicker.

In c:\windows rename the existing one to, say, defrag.old and copy the new one in, it's only about 210Kb.

  nigwel 08:50 01 Jun 03

To Powerless....You have obviosly never used msconfig before. You still have to reboot after the safe mode and to get to safe mode you have to reboot. And its not a case of unticking one at a time, as with most programs it gives the option to untick all at the same time. And Safe mode still will run programs in the back ground that will stop defraging the PC. msconfig can be run in safe mode after the defrag...Try it at least, there are more things to it that just this usage...-:)

I can confirm what 'andsome' says and use 'Diskeeper Lite' I have been using this for the last few months on ME and then XP and it is fast and defragments very well. There is no having to go to 'ms config' or closing down in startup,you can run it straight from the desktop and it works very well.

  Andsome 09:23 01 Jun 03

When I first downloaded and ran Diskeeper Lite I found that it defragged my one hard drive with about 12Gbytes loaded in approximately two to three minutes, and my other hard drive with about 2 Gbytes loaded in less than thirty seconds. I liked it that much that I have downloaded the paid for version at less than £20. This version can run continuously in the background with the result that both drives are always at 100%

  Dangins 22:31 01 Jun 03

I will give these things a try, thanks ...

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