Defrag troubleshoot

  Dori 16:14 19 Nov 03

Hi there. Does anyone know why when I start defrag it goes to 1% complete and then returns to 0%? All ideas gratefully accepted!

  johnnyrocker 16:17 19 Nov 03

you probably have something writing to the hard drive which means de frag has to start over, best bet is to run it in safe mode (longer but better)


  TommyRed 16:41 19 Nov 03

Or you could download this, it certainly works better and quicker than the 98SE one, click here HTH TR

  Djohn 16:53 19 Nov 03

Which operating system are you using, and do you know how to turn off the programs that are running in the background, also the screen saver? j.

  Dori 17:48 19 Nov 03

Sorry Jester ~ slapped wrists for me!
Thanks for the tip.
Any more ideas I could try?

  Jester2K II 17:56 19 Nov 03

Thats OK....

Try booting normally.


From the top highlight and then End Process for everything on the list except for EXPLORER and SYSTRAY.

then try again.

or as TommyRed said try Diskeeper lite

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