Defrag Major Prob!

  wightman 17:31 21 Nov 06

Hi Guys I was recently defraging my Laptop when the worst horror happened!! While moving the laptop across the desk the Power Lead pulled out from its socket. Result immediate power down and when I attempted to reboot the following Error Message appeared: "Error cannot find Operating System."
What if anything can I do the recover from this disaster...Help please Cheers wightman

  Technotiger 17:33 21 Nov 06

Hi, have you tried starting with OS disc in drive? If XP, you might be able to run Repair.

  wightman 17:43 21 Nov 06

Thanks Technotiger, will try this approach and let the forum know, cheers wightman

  GEEKSTA 19:06 21 Nov 06

is there anyway of getting into safe mode and then system restore?

  Technotiger 19:43 21 Nov 06

Hi, to get into Safe Mode (XP) keep tapping F8 on startup.

But you should start your own Thread with this question, what you are doing here is known as Hijacking anothers Thread, which is quite rightly frowned upon in the Forum.


  GEEKSTA 20:38 21 Nov 06

Technotiger im sorry if YOU havent understood my point clearly. I agree it was a badly constructed sentance.
I wrote "is there anyway of getting into safe mode and then system restore?" for the benefit of wightman not me, I already know that.

I was asking him that as a quesition.

  Technotiger 20:40 21 Nov 06

OK - sorry, I misunderstood.


  wightman 13:12 22 Nov 06

Hi Guys Thanks for your input; please don't fall out over my prob, I am the middle of sorting this prob out I will try those suggested and let all know Cheers wightman

  Technotiger 13:28 22 Nov 06

Don't worry about it, no one here is 'falling out' .......


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