Defrag Issue?

  CJ12 19:21 12 Nov 07

I am not able to defrag anymore it says I have only 4% free space when I need 15% saying I should delete some files to free up space so I did dick clean up deleting cookies and tep internet files also deleted a load of pic's and vid's then tried again but got same message so tried to defrag anyway and got total red background with a few white lines and blue lines and green lines mut mainly red and it will only defrag a few, anyone I ask has never come accross this issue so I tried restore but was not able to go as far back as I wanted (Sept 07) had to keep trying to near end of Oct then this took about 2hrs to do. My Internet is running quite quickly but PC takes a long time to start up & shut down also every now & then I get a loud buzzing noise as something tries to happen with the floppy drive I have no idea why as I rarely use it ... any ideas suggestions would be most welcome please. Im a bit of a novice so bear with me.
Thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 19:24 12 Nov 07

Can I ask how much free space you now have on your hard drive. You say you had 4% and deleted a lot of files so what have you got now?

  sinbads 19:37 12 Nov 07

You could turn off system restore reboot and turn back on this would free up space on your hard drive;but you will loose all restore points then try and defrag

  sinbads 19:47 12 Nov 07

you can dissable your floppy by going into your device manager and select disable

  CJ12 21:54 12 Nov 07

I still have 4% it says when I just tried it again now

  brundle 22:07 12 Nov 07

Find out what is using most of the space (but don't go deleting things without checking first).
click here

Download, run, click Open, click the C: drive.

  CJ12 00:21 13 Nov 07

Thank you I followed your instructions it told me to use a new link as the one you gave me was too old I did this and did the scan I sussed out what to do and now have 70% clear space and defrag is working as all that mass of red is gone now. The impression I get (as a novice) is that the thing using up most of the space was RegCure which I bought a few months ago wish Id waited and spent my money on this tool you recomended Thanks again Just hope I havent deleted anything I shouldnt have but it did stop me deleting a few things so hopefully all will be well now.

  brundle 19:56 13 Nov 07

I should have mentioned the old free version still works just as well as the newer one(s). Glad you're sorted.

  CJ12 20:23 13 Nov 07

Well though all the red blocks have gone it still will not defrag totally I have now found so dont know why that is ...???
thanks for help

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