defrag ??

  vall 15:15 25 Apr 04

In windows 98 my defrag refuses to go beyond 2%, can you help...Vall

  powerless 15:28 25 Apr 04

Do it in safe mode.

  bertiecharlie 16:14 25 Apr 04

Run Scan Disk before trying to defragment as you may have errors on your disk. Check the "Automatically Fix Errors" box on Scan Disk.

I had to do this on my nephew's computer at Easter before it would defragment. He hadn't defragemented it for five years. Took 14 hours.

  jon2 16:22 25 Apr 04

Turn off all software running before

  bertiecharlie 16:32 25 Apr 04

Good thinking. I think that's one of the reasons it took my nephew 14 hours - background programmes interrupting the defragmentation.

Would recommend that you look at click here as an alternative to the built in defragmenter on Windows. It literally takes a few seconds to defragment your disk, if you use it regularly, and should do a more thorough job.

Anyway, hope you get it defragmenting just now - first things first.

  end 17:30 25 Apr 04

Can I suggest you run scan disc in Standard Mode (this novice has had the same trouble some while ago my defragment took,I think, five hours,,), close as many running programs as possible for scan disk , to let IT do it fairly quickly ; once done with THAT, you may find it useful to rerun scan disc; then attack the defragment; I am now in the habit of running scan disc and defragment almost every day the keep the thing running quickly. having said that I have a fast processor and a huge "memory"...of interest, what type OF processor do you have?i.e. is it "sufficient for the job"(just some suggestions from a novice who has "been there and done that")..

  vall 17:50 25 Apr 04

Many thanks to all who replied, the safe mode worked in half an hour, is PC advisor worth the money, not many... Vall

  end 17:58 25 Apr 04

may I just repeat my suggestion for "smoother computing"...from my own experience as a novice ; run scan disc and defragment very regularly; i tend to run them at least daily to keep the thing "up to spead", and especially if I have put a new program on or similar all helps for better computing.the defragment gets faster and faster the more frequently it is done...of interest, do you run it in the "show detail" mode??that way you can see just how "scattered" or otherwise the drive IS....

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