defender & anti spyware

  Garthyy 16:42 20 Feb 06

MS have both available for download but what is the difference between them? They are both in beta.

  rômanab 16:49 20 Feb 06

Personally I prefered MSAntispy.

Defender has a far simpler interface with less options and tools but you may as well go for it as it is superceeding MSAntispy.

  rawprawn 16:49 20 Feb 06

Defender has taken over from Antispyware, and is the latest they have to offer. Use Defender and uninstall Antisyware.

  gel 17:01 20 Feb 06

I understand that if you are using Antispy at present you will aotomatically be updated with Defender in due course

  Garthyy 17:10 20 Feb 06

I have just updated. Thanks all for your help. I am running it as well as ewido - should be ok shouldnt it?

  rômanab 17:37 20 Feb 06


  rawprawn 17:38 20 Feb 06


  Garthyy 17:42 20 Feb 06

thanks very much for your help.

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