Defective installation floppy

  Hamish I 15:00 23 Nov 05

Having acquired a new computer with XP and Word, I wanted to install Works 4.0 from my setup floppies. Unfortunately I had inadvertently formatted one of these, so the setup had to be aborted. I managed to recover the files with BadCopy software, but cannot create a new floppy because the target floppy has no ID address.
I am a bona fide user and have the ID, so is there any way I can attach this to a floppy to enable the installation?

  Confab 15:58 23 Nov 05
  Confab 16:04 23 Nov 05

or this

click here

  Hamish I 20:38 23 Nov 05

Thanks to Confab for explaining the meaning of an ID address and solving that problem. I still haven't managed the installation, but that's for another reason which may yet come to the helproom!

  vinnyT 11:50 24 Nov 05

You could try phoning (or emailing) microsoft, despite what people moan about them I have always found them to be polite and helpful. Maybe they can do you a copy of the floppy (it rhymes, I know) from their archives. Can't hurt to call.

Hope this helps.

  Hamish I 21:37 24 Nov 05

Thank you, it did.

  vinnyT 15:05 25 Nov 05


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