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  throwitoutthewindow 21:30 23 Oct 04

I have a few programmes that use a DVD, and I have a ROM and new rewriter. Some default to one drive and othe rprogrammes to another, whilst other programmes cannot find any drive. Anything I can do to make the drive I want the defualt for everything?

  bretsky 00:08 24 Oct 04

No, you have to tell each program what player/recorder it should use. If you are using WMP or RealOne Player or WinDVD etc etc you can set these.

But for individual programs that need to access you optical drives, I'm afraid it's D.I.Y time in the properties settings.

The drives themselves can be set to "prompt me to choose an action" in the properties>Auto play box.

Not unless anybody knows different.

bretsky ;0)

  THE TERMINATOR 02:40 24 Oct 04

The only way you can do that is to have a program that will play everything, and until Microsoft release wmp 10, I dont think there is a program that supports DVD and music disks, so you will have to default the DVD rom to DVD player software, and the writer to music player software....T

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