DECT Phone batteries.

  BT 09:01 08 May 12

My DECT handsets seem to be getting to the stage where the rechargeable AAA NiMh batteries will soon need replacing.

It seems that most phones come with 550mah batteries, but is it OK to replace them with higher rated ones, 800mah or 1000mah perhaps. Will this have any detrimental effect?

  natdoor 09:21 08 May 12

The current drawn by a device for a given applied voltage is determined by its internal impedance. The answer to your question is no.

  morddwyd 09:43 08 May 12

Just the opposite.

They will last longer. MAh, milliamp hours, is a measure of the capacity, like millilitres.

  BT 09:45 08 May 12

I assume the charger bases will cope with higher rated batteries.

  spuds 09:49 08 May 12

The answer to that, should be posted on the charging device or instruction booklet. Best to check if a warranty is involved?.

  BT 09:53 08 May 12

The main reason I ask is that so called '550mah Phone Batteries' are a bit like original Ink cartridges. They are in general much more expensive than standard rechargeables. Its reassuring to know that I can use standard ones as replacements.

  BT 10:02 08 May 12


Phones are well out of warranty, and as far as I can see the instruction book doesn't think batteries will ever need replacing. The charging bases just say Input 9v-300mh, presumably a reference to the mains adapter, with no other indication. As I see it larger capacity batteries will just take longer to charge.

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