Decoder Card for DVD Drive?

  Leroy 20:13 01 Mar 03

Hi Guys
I am considering installing an internal DVD drive
in my ageing system but the IT guru's in my
workplace seem to think I will need a decoder card
as opposed to a software solution. Does anyone
know where I can get one as I have not seen any
advertised anywhere even in Micro-Mart.
Many Thanks

  powerless 20:16 01 Mar 03

Whats the hardware in the ageing system?

  Leroy 21:42 01 Mar 03

Famous PC Chips M747 Mobo, Celeron 400, 384mb ram
and N Vidia Geoforce 2 64meg with TV out

  powerless 21:46 01 Mar 03

I've ran a DVD on a PII 350, 64MB RAM, 8MB Onboard graphics, 3GB HDD...

Decoder card they are talking about i think is an MPEG card...

I personally dont think you need one and you can just go ahead and pop in a DVD drive.

  Leroy 11:14 02 Mar 03

Thanks for your time Powerless, I'll just whop
it in and try with software decoder.

  boon_intheuk 21:02 03 Mar 03

Hi Leroy, I have a PC with a 400 Mhz cpu much like yours and a dvd drive, even with the latest version of "PowerDVD" (surposed to be the best software DVD player you can get) dvd's will not run smoothly on my PC, but I have just bought a hardware dvd decoder card and now can watch perfect movies on my PC!
The one I have is called a "Creative DXR3 Encore DVD Decoder card" and I won it on an auction on, easily the best auction site around.
I happen to know that there are a couple of these cards on the auctions as we speak.
I actually got the for £8.50 plus p+p, about twelve quid all together!
You may not get one that cheap, but they are well worth it, you can even plug them into your TV and watch dvd's on it.
Oh yes, I believe that the "Hollywood + Real Magic decoder card is exactly the same as mine (apparently Hollywood actually made the cards for Creative)
I hope this helps, Boon.

  Leroy 21:26 03 Mar 03

Many thanks Boon,
I had a feeling that a card would
be the best solution, I seem to remember reading the same sort of thing in one of my Computer
Mags a while ago.
Thanks again, Leroy

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