Macaonasa 09:45 26 Aug 04

What do you think of my very simple site? It's hosted free by NTL - the registration, including anonymity, costs £6.12 per year.

  Taran 10:40 26 Aug 04

A link may help...


  Macaonasa 10:43 26 Aug 04

Oops ... how's that for a poor launch:
click here

  Taran 10:46 26 Aug 04

I assumed you'd be using the

After a brief trial and error of the other suffixes I discovered your address.

Nice site.

I liked the Legolas image. I did something similar for one of my young cousins who desperately wanted to become Arwen, so for her birthday she did.

Well done. I like it.

  Macaonasa 10:54 26 Aug 04

Thanks Taran.

How did you get the site without the link?

  Taran 11:18 26 Aug 04

As I say, I assumed you would have a address to add to the Declanworld thread title. Since that didn't work I went through the .net then .com suffixes. I'd have given up after that though, if it still hadn't shown up ;o)

  Macaonasa 11:23 26 Aug 04

Not only did I forget to provide the link but I then was puzzled how you found it - having forget that I put the name into the thread title - there's no hope for this site!

  Macaonasa 18:32 26 Aug 04

Thanks FM.

I've corrected the redirection to show the true URLs.

Do you have any tips about getting the Flash installation link? Can this be done so that the Flash installs without the viewer leaving my site.

About the copyright - if I get any heat, I'll comply; in fact, I'd be glad people are acessing the site.

  Forum Editor 23:16 26 Aug 04

and it's a pity that you see the ntl homepage address come up in the browser. Take fourm member's advice and host your site on its own domain name with a professional hosting company - you'll be welcomed by the search engines then.

I also agree with fourm member on the subject of copyright. Film companies are obsessive about the use of their images - particularly if they're amended in any way, and you're inviting trouble. My advice is to comply before you get the heat, as you call it.

Yes, you can distribute the Macromedia Flash Player direct from your own site, but you need to be licenced before you can use the dedicated download link and logo. It's not as bad as it sounds, and you can do it online if you
click here

  Macaonasa 00:39 27 Aug 04

What do you think of this hosting deal:
click here

  Macaonasa 14:35 28 Aug 04

I've downloaded the licenced files - what do I do with them?

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