Decided to reinstall windows xp...

  herc182 16:14 14 May 06

But i have a question.

I have a second hdd (slave) which i use to store data on. All the pics, vids and music i want, i have stored on there.
when i reinstall windows, will the data still be on there? ie will windows recognise the slave drive and the partitions, and hence keep it as it is?


  BurrWalnut 16:15 14 May 06


  rodriguez 16:18 14 May 06

Just make sure you don't select the wrong drive when you format/reinstall Windows and it will all be safe.

  Taff™ 16:21 14 May 06

If you have just your XP installation on the primary drive why not try a repair install? Remember that you might need to save your e-mails, favourites and address book to your data (slave) drive first. A repair install shouldn`t overwrite them but better safe than sorry. A full re-install will almost certainly overwrite the files.

  pj123 16:24 14 May 06

Agree with rodriguez. And the best way to make sure you don't select the wrong drive is to disconnect your slave drive until you are satisfied that everything is running smoothly.

  Skills 16:26 14 May 06

I aggree with pj123 just disconnect the power / ide cables to your slave hard drive. reinstall windows when its all up and running reconnect your slave drive.

  herc182 16:32 14 May 06

thanks guys. wiill do that now!!!

see you soon I hope!

  woofwoofbark 16:54 14 May 06

I have 2 maxtor HD's setup as follows ...

80gb split to read as C:20bg and E:60gb

40gb D:40gb

I have windows on C: and all saved docs (music/pics ect... stored on D: & E: and have formatted Windows XP a few times , it doesnt affect the other hard drives , I didnt unplug anycables just simply formatted and reinstalled Windows on C:


geo g

  herc182 20:46 14 May 06


all went to plan.

Now i am still intrigued by my other post.
click here

this is still a problem. when i first plugged it in (the MP3 player) it showed and windows made an attempt to install hardware for it.
o swithced the MP3 player off and it wont show again (windows does not register that it is there)



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