decent mobo wanted

  Deano68 19:30 13 Aug 03

can anyone recomend a decent mobo to run a hurcules 3d prophet 9700 pro i've currently got an Asus A7v333 but it's only got 4x agp so am not getting the full benefit of the card i was looking at the Asus A7n8x but understand there is a bit of a stability problem with that board, any help would be appreciated

  FireOfBlue 19:52 13 Aug 03

Lots of reviews reccommend the Asus A7n8x deluxe.

Or you couod perhaps check out the reviews here

click here



  Ironman556 19:55 13 Aug 03

Paid £100 but it can be had for less online (click here)

Running Win XP, a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB & AMD XP2800, no problems at all, very stable.

The A7N8X is just a cut down version, no dual LAN etc., so you shouldn't have any problems.

If you're referring to a general stability problem then I've had no problems, I don't nknow if there's one with a 3D Prophet plugged in.

  Rayuk 20:04 13 Aug 03

I have the A7N8X deluxe version 1.04 with a Connect3D Radeon9700Pro no problems at all.Just make sure you get version2 of the board.

  Blitzer 20:09 13 Aug 03

Like wise I also have a very stable A7N8X based system very pleased with it. I do believe it can be a little choosy when it come to what memory you feed it so it's probably worth making sure you buy a recommended brand.

Oh, and I have a Radeon 9500Pro if that is of any interest. :)

  Deano68 20:35 13 Aug 03

Thanks very much to all those that replied like i said i thought the A7n8x looked a very good board, and if had no probs then i think that will be the board or choice, and thanks rayuk i will look for version 2 of the board, and blitzer i had crucials recommended memory for the A7v333 but i hope it will work fine on the new board, Dean!!

  Ironman556 22:29 14 Aug 03

Crucial RAM should work fine, I have 2 Crucial 512MB DDR400 modules, as recommended by their search facility, no probs at all.

  Mr Tinkles 13:01 15 Aug 03

I use a gigabyte ga-7va, it supports agpx8 and supports pretty much any brand of ram as well as having 400 mhz fsb all for around 60 quid

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