mike1967 13:01 08 Aug 06

I have just installed Commandos 2 onto my PC running XP. It installed ok, but when I try to run it I get an error message something like: 'Debugger detected! Switch of debugger and restart'.

Does it really need switching off, if so how do I do it?

  mike1967 11:19 09 Aug 06


  €dstowe 11:40 09 Aug 06

I believe this indicates an error in the program you are trying to use. Have you enquired of the makers of Commandos 2?

Otherwise, a Google search (using the error message as keywords) will come up with some possibilities.

  mike1967 19:41 09 Aug 06


  gudgulf 19:57 09 Aug 06

Your problem is almost certainly a copy ptotection issue......your Commandos2 game is detecting a program that it sees as a "Debugger" and wont run.

The reason for this is that a debugger can reveal log and reveal information about game which enables a hacker to "crack" the copy protection.|So if such a program is detected the game wont run.

Things such as CloneCD can cause this and there have been issues with DivX....if you type "Debugger detected" into Google you will see this is far from uncommon for a number of different reasons.

I haven't found anything specific to Commandos2 though....yet.

  gudgulf 20:19 09 Aug 06

If you haven't already patched the game this might be the answer click here

  mike1967 08:11 11 Aug 06

Thanks for the replies guys. I have been in contact with the tech support. They gave me a list of proccesses not to stop and told me to stop everything else. This took about 10mins and stopped windows from working! Even if it had worked, I wouldn't want to spend 10mins messing around each time I wanted to play.

I will try the patch tonight. This copy is from the 'sold out' £5 range, apparently my brother has one of the original Eidos copies from a few years ago, I might try seeing if that works.

  mike1967 08:48 14 Aug 06

Excellent, I downloaded the patch at the weekend and it's working now. Thanks for the help.

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