deaktop icons caption - change the colour?

  Yimbo 15:33 16 Nov 13

It's maybe an age thing, but I find it harder to read the caption below the icons on my desktop. They're currently white. But is it possible to change them to black, or something more easily read? Making the icons themselves bigger, doesn't really help me.

  rdave13 15:41 16 Nov 13

If XP have a look here.

  Yimbo 23:01 16 Nov 13

Thanks rdave13 - - I'll have a look at these programs and see how it goes.

I appreciate your assistance!

  bumpkin 23:24 16 Nov 13

What OS, XP or W7 or have you resolved it as ticked.

  rdave13 10:02 17 Nov 13

bumpkin I think it's XP we're talking about. I used Iconoid successfully, years ago ,to do this on XP.

  Yimbo 17:21 17 Nov 13

Hi there - - No, not resolved as yet - though I'll try the programs suggested. I use Windows XP(Home) with SP3.

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