Dead PSU Or Motherboard?

  Mark5001 10:33 14 Oct 06

Just been given a computer to fix. There is no power coming from it at all so I was thinking dead psu. Swapped out the psu for another working one but no joy there.Next thought was the power switch. Took one working tower and after a lot of fiddling placed the internal power leads etc from the working one, bypassing the switch, into the dead one's motherboard and then switched on. Still dead. What else could I try? Will be out for several hours from now but I will check for any replies on my return.

  STREETWORK 10:49 14 Oct 06

Have you changed the fuse in the plug, just a thought?

  Visio 22:34 14 Oct 06

How about checking to make sure the switch on the front panel of the case is connected to the motherboard. If its not the fuse as suggested by Streetwork then i guess u have a dead m/b.

  woodchip 22:38 14 Oct 06

For the switch, all you need to do is swap the reset switch for the start switch wires on the mobo. Doubt it's that. It could be any number of things But if you fitted a known Working PSU that will provide enough power, and it's still dead then suspect MOBO or CPU or both

  Mark5001 08:08 15 Oct 06

Thanks for the replies. Whilst out I went to PC World and got another switch. I wired that in and hey presto.... it still doesn't work :-(( So I think mobo has gone to sleep for good. Closing this now as nothing left to try.

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