a dead pixel...?

  SpyMan {:o){--< 19:34 18 Apr 06

I just received a Viewsonic TFT monitor...

now, the first one i got was a few weeks ago and was dead on arrival...so i was dubious about getting from same company and same brand of monitor, but i did anyway.

...so a replaceement arrives and i notice this bright green dot on the middle of the screen...in fact my eyes are drawn to it because it is that noticeable..

Now i am aware of the standard regarding TFT monitors...but i am not sure if i can put up with this green light staring at me. Is this a dead pixel or something else? I use TFT's at work all day and my girlfriend has one too...but i have never noticed the green light on any of them.. Please advise..

Thanks ahead..

  VoG II 20:23 18 Apr 06

You could try massaging it gently with a cotton bud.

  hzhzhz 20:27 18 Apr 06

A cluster of 'always on sub pixels'. How big is it . A pin head or a 2p?.

  Totally-braindead 20:31 18 Apr 06

I would try VoG™s suggestion, first given to me by the Forum Editor. I had a red pixel upper right. Did it and it disappeared and now 6 or 7 months later its still ok.

  SG Atlantis® 20:44 18 Apr 06

it's stuck not dead.

click here

extract this video and play it.

  SG Atlantis® 20:46 18 Apr 06

click here 's where it's from.

Might just work

  SpyMan {:o){--< 22:20 18 Apr 06

It is a green pin-head size light...

Thanks for suggestions...tried the massage...tried the download mpeg 4 but unfortunately both failed.

Am i being too fussy and should learn to live with it or send it back?

  SG Atlantis® 06:26 19 Apr 06

send it back

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