Dead PC

  njr001 15:54 11 Jan 03
  njr001 15:54 11 Jan 03

I tried a BIOS upgrade to an ASUS A7V motherboard which failed and I was left with a dead machine. I managed to get the BIOS chip reprogrammed with original version, still machine dead. No bleeps, monitor does not come out of standby, drives would whirr for a few seconds and CPU fan works.
Decided motherboard must be damaged and replaced board with a Asus A7N8X. Machine still dead with new motherboard, videocard & monitor work fine with another computer.

  1st RHA 16:04 11 Jan 03

cpu hdd 1 stick ram and graphics set up bios defaults and see what happens are all psu connection secure anything on screen check monitor connector

  two00lbwaster 16:07 11 Jan 03

dead psu?

  two00lbwaster 16:14 11 Jan 03

psu switched on if it has a switch/switched to the right setting ie 230/240volts

psu plugged in properly checked the amps? swithched on at the wall?

  two00lbwaster 16:15 11 Jan 03

fuses* sorry

  two00lbwaster 16:19 11 Jan 03

also have you checked all the jumpers on the new board?

  njr001 16:31 11 Jan 03

Power supply may be the problem, but onboard green LED lights when mains power available and on trying to Boot Up drives whirr for a few seconds and CPU fan operates. Jumpers have been checked There are no obvious fuses within PSU

  BRYNIT 16:39 11 Jan 03

If you have a PCI modem card try removing card. I had a faulty card which prevented the comp from booting lights came on but not much else.

  Rayuk 16:58 11 Jan 03

And the memory/cpu,anyway you can try them in another pc.

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