Dead PC

  kat64 15:16 09 Aug 10

Hi, I have a E-system PC which has suddenly Died. It wont power up in fact there is no life in it at all.I have tested the Start button and that seems fine I traced the wires from the start button to the motherboard and tried connecting the two pins but still nothing. Before I buy a new Motherboard how can I be sure if it is the Motherboard that has failed or if it is the Power unit.

  sunnystaines 15:21 09 Aug 10

can you get a spare psu and swap over to eliminate the psu

  keef66 15:21 09 Aug 10

My guess would be that the power supply has failed. Simplest way to tell is by substitution, ie try another known good power supply. Do you know anyone you could borrow one from?

  sunnystaines 15:22 09 Aug 10

great minds think alike

  DieSse 15:31 09 Aug 10

"how can I be sure if it is the Motherboard that has failed or if it is the Power unit."

You can't really - the vast majority of engineers would find out by substitution. Power supply first, because it's quickest.

Most likely - in my experience it's pretty much 50-50 - but a PSU is quicker and easier to change - a local shop may even have an old one to lend you if you explain and ask nicely.

  kat64 18:25 10 Aug 10

Many thanks everyone for your info. I will be looking around for a spare PSU. Regards

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