Dead PC

  jhm 12:05 24 Feb 07

I have an e-machine from PC World, out of warranty of course, that is pretty dead. The only thing it shows is the opening 'E' with the boot and setup options and even this is not in the right place on the screen.
Cannot use options to get into BIOS, have reseated mem sticks, checked psu output(high values-could indicate off-load) and checked bios battery.
No POST no beeps
Any idea how to kick it into life or is this a terminal bios chip or mobo fault

  SANTOS7 12:12 24 Feb 07

If no beeps are heard and no display is on the screen, The first thing to check is the power supply, as you have done that i would inspect the
motherboard for loose components. A loose or missing CPU, BIOS chip,
or Chipset chip will cause the motherboard not to function.

  jhm 12:18 24 Feb 07

Have a display showing as in first posting

  SANTOS7 12:57 24 Feb 07

i think i would try the loose connection possibility first,although, pending on what component was loose your BIOS beeps would be more specific, as you have none first and cheapest option would be to replace your PSU (maybe you could borrow one) if the problem persists you may have fried your BIOS chip, as you say "(high values-could indicate off-load)"

  jhm 12:57 24 Feb 07

Disconnected usb perifs and cured it. It was the printer, but putting back into different socket didn't put fault bAck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The wonders of computers

  SANTOS7 13:02 24 Feb 07

How strange, new one on me, glad its fixed tho' and thanks for the explaination the info may be useful..

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