dead laptop

  Green Army 01:10 26 Oct 10

daughter pulled the battery from her laptop beause it was not responding. now the laptop will not start. the bios states that there is no HD in the computer only a dvd drive. any help would be appreciated as we need the photos

  Strawballs 01:30 26 Oct 10

Make of hard drive if known if not make and model of laptop.

In the meantime you could download and burn to disc Linux Ubuntu and then run it from the disc without having to install if the Hard drive is only corrupt in the boot sector then you should be able to access it from Ubuntu.

This is what happened to my Laptop a while ago and I managed to retreve Data from the drive using this meathod and my drive is a Hitachi and by downloading their hardrive tools and burning to disc then booting from that I was able to do a repair on the drive and all is now fine.

  Jollyjohn 10:09 26 Oct 10

Puppy Linux is another option and is quite a bit smaller than Ubuntu and can be installed onto a USB stick and run from that.
Click on lupu-501 click here and save file.
Burn as iso to a cd. This will then be a bootable cd.
When Puppy boots the available drives are listed along the bottom - the laptops hard drive is most likely to be sda1.
If you plug in a USB stick or portable drive you will also see it listed along the bottom o fthe screen and you can copy your "Documents and settings" folder to the USB stick / hard drive.

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