Dead Computer

  Vitamin M 14:30 03 Jan 08

I was upgrading my mate with more RAM, new Graphics Card and a better sound card... for his computer...

All went in well untill the power up.

Its a really really really old machine, with dust in most unreachable places.

After i turned the computer on, i smelt burning then straight away the fan switched off. I quickly removed the power supply.

Apon inspecting where the Burning smell came from i found it was the RAM stick. with several of the metal prongs burnt.

I sawpped the RAM back to what it was before, but everything was dead. No bleeping, no fan, no lights, no nothing. I took the RAM out and tried hoping for at least a beep. but still nothing.

As of yet i still havent got power to the machine. I know power goes to the machine as when u put RAM into the slots and turn it on, there is again a faint smell of burning.

1) is the burnt RAM screwed...? will it work again?

2) how do i restore power?

3) how will i know if the RAM Slot, Motherboard or anything else is fried?

Many Thanks

  woodchip 14:37 03 Jan 08

You could try some Switch cleaner in the Ram slots this can be had from Maplins. But it may have destroyed the Motherboard

  ExBocks 15:07 03 Jan 08

smells like burnt out ram and mobo! this could have completely killed the mobo ram cpu and gpu!

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