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Dead Computer

  lightfeet 00:48 16 Oct 04

My friend’s computer has stopped working. i.e. nothing on the screen. The fan is running and one long POST beep with a slight waver at the end sounds on switch-on but there doesn’t appear to be any other activity. (The BIOS is an Award Software International 4.51 PG. Motherboard Via VT82C692BX) Am not sure how long the beep should be, whether this is just one long beep or one long plus two short very close together. Also I cannot hear any activity from the hard drive. I know the monitor is OK because I have tried it on my system. Could anyone please advise on trouble shooting procedure

  hugh-265156 01:34 16 Oct 04

try all the usual things like checking cards are seated and memory sticks, cables are pushed in tight. swap the graphics card and monitor for a friends to test if they are at fault maybe.

award bios beep codes click here scroll down

  lightfeet 23:48 16 Oct 04

Thanks so much huggyg71 that was a really useful link. I had not found that link previously despite searching for "bios beep codes". It turned out that I was hearing one long plus 2 short beeps (they were virtually joined together)which led me to the Graphics card. I wriggled the card, making sure it was well seated but this had no effect. I removed the card gave it a light dusting then refitted it and lo and behold it worked!

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