DDR266 or DDR333 DDR

  Drifter 14:27 07 Mar 04

Hello. If I am buying a Gigabyte MoBo which supports DDR333 ram and a Athlon XP2800 333fsb, does it make sense to use DDR333 RAM? or is there no connection? Thanks, Drifter

  minter 14:34 07 Mar 04

Personally I would put the fastest RAM that your mobo takes. There is very little difference in prices of 266 and 333 - click here

More important than RAM speed is the amount - stuff as much as you can afford, keeping withing the mobo's limitations.

Quantity is more important than speed, because the more you have the faster your computer will run.

  bremner 14:39 07 Mar 04

You should always try to avoid having memory that runs at a slower speed than the processor as this will cause a bottleneck.

So if you have a processor that runs at 333Mhz you are better of having memory that runs at either 333Mhz or 400Mhz ( of course your mobo must support the speed)

  Drifter 14:40 07 Mar 04

Thanks, guess I'll go for the PC2700

  Paranoid Android 14:51 07 Mar 04

With PC2700 (333) RAM and a 166 FSB (333) processor, all data transfers are synchronous.


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