8--)> 21:26 15 Jan 03
  8--)> 21:26 15 Jan 03

i would like some opinions on which type of ram i should get. Is it better to get more SDRAM or less DDR RAM? in other words:
512Mb - SDRAM
256Mb - DDR RAM
both around £30-£40!!!

  mikef™ 21:41 15 Jan 03

Depends on what your motherboard accepts have a check here for the correct type click here

  8--)> 22:20 15 Jan 03

it accepts: sdram-> pc100/pc133 & ddr ram-> pc1600/pc2100

  two00lbwaster 22:36 15 Jan 03

er i would say ddr ram though if youve got k7a5a board you might want to check for the numerous incompatibilites there seems to be poping up

  8--)> 11:16 16 Jan 03

thats what board i've got: check out this link for some more info on my problem, ta for helpin us out mate!!! click here

  DieSse 11:40 16 Jan 03

For some things faster RAM would be better, for others more RAM would be better. There's no overall answer. As a strategy, why not get the faster RAM now, and add to it later.

  8--)> 11:48 16 Jan 03

Ok good idea DieSse!!, one last question- if my bus is running at 133mhz-150mhz max, does that mean ddr ram pc2100 266Mhz won't work?!?!?

  Hunte® 12:10 16 Jan 03


PC2100 ram runs at 133MHz Doubled. A bit like Athlon CPU's run at a doubled FSB rate (133/266MHz for most XP CPU's)

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