Up dating Drivers, etc!

  morgueman 12:31 29 Jul 08

Hello all, the other night i went into my device manager and updated some drivers on various things, like the cpu, motherboard, graphics card, etc. Some needed updating, others didnt. My question is, by doing this, does that mean i wont need to go to the various websites to download updates or are the updates and driver updates two seperate things entirely, does that make sense? Also, i have a Phenom x3 processor, which shows up has 3 seperate lines in device manager. Do i need to update each one individually or by just doing one, does that do all of them?
Thanks for any help anyone can give me with this!

  Clapton is God 12:48 29 Jul 08

"i went into my device manager and updated some drivers on various things"


  morgueman 13:25 29 Jul 08

I right clicked whatever, say the graphics card, and it comes up either with update drivers or go in via properties!

  Clapton is God 13:49 29 Jul 08

OK and what did your PC then do to obtain that updated driver?

Logic says that it must have downloaded it from somewhere

  morgueman 14:12 29 Jul 08

I see what your getting at. when you do it via device manager you just have to wait til something downloads or its not needed! The question i'm asking is, are these driver updates the same has going to the website and downloading from there or do you still need to go the website to download any additional stuff?

  Zeppelyn 14:28 29 Jul 08

I can see how you did it, I just tried with a ATI Graphics Card. By using device manager your just getting the updated driver but by going to manufacturers site you would also get the updated software to get the best out of the new drivers features etc.

  Clapton is God 14:56 29 Jul 08

I agree with Zeppelyn, you'll get the most up-to-date driver from the manufacturer's website.

And, ideally, you should uninstall the old one before loading the new one.

  morgueman 16:00 29 Jul 08

ok thanks helping to clear that up for me!

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