Database of members

  Woody Ham 19:20 PM 14 Jan 10

I work for a local church and our parish database is no longer fit for purpose. Any ideas on software that would keep records of parishioners with different groups (readers, musicians, cleaners, ministers) and so on.

  Forum Editor 19:49 PM 14 Jan 10

would be on this list?

  wee eddie 12:09 PM 15 Jan 10

I was cornered one day and ended up running one of the Curling Clubs that I play in. The Membership List had been "hand written" every year, so I planned something along the same lines as you.

Create an Up-to-date database that could be handed from Secretary to Secretary. I used M$ Access and congratulated myself that I could turn out all sorts of details at the drop of a hat. The next Secretary, but one, did not have M$ Office and the Database died.

Had I used a Free, or cheaper, Database, such as Open Office. That problem might not have arisen.

  Woody Ham 22:59 PM 19 Jan 10

Sorry Forum Editor: there are upwards of 1500 people to be included.

  Forum Editor 00:36 AM 20 Jan 10

take a look at this:-

click here


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