Database to Create Labels Wizard problems

  timothywilliam 18:46 16 Apr 03

Sometime ago I created a database of addresses in a computer running Windows 95. This was the database in the Works Programme.
I have put this Database on to a floppy disc and transfrred it to my new computer which runs Windows XP (Home Edition)
The Database opens fine in XP.
However, when I try the Create Labels Wizard in XP, the programme makes a nonsense of the text. I guess this is because the file needs a different programme to work in for the labels. I seem to have various options if I do a Save As to change the file programme but my problem is which one do I choose ?

  recap 19:08 16 Apr 03

Timothy, save the file to somewhere else first then do a copy and paste into your desired program and work with that. This way you will always have the original if all goes wrong.

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