Data Storage Using DVD+RW Disks

  Newuser4165 09:57 02 Oct 03

I have recently bought a LG4040B multiformat DVD recorder.
No problems at all using DVD RAM disks but have run into a problem using Memorex DVD+RW disks.
Nero -v5.10.28 - cannot see these disks and I get "illegal media" error.Using "CopyToDVD" I have no problems writing to the disk but the disk contents are invisible on other DVDROM drives.
In addition I can't seem to add additional data even though I have selected "Multisession" in the disk setup - I have to erase the disk completely and reburn all the data.
Can someone explain what is going on please.

  Newuser4165 10:06 02 Oct 03

Continuation - Sorry pressed the submit button too son

I want to use DVD+RW disks as I use a program called DVD Pitureshow from Ulead to display slideshows on my DVD player which is only compatable with DVD+RW disks.This program also works OK and I can see the slideshows but the disk contents are again invisible when placed in a normal DVDROM drive such as the Toshiba 1612.
Using DVD+RW would save me buying RAM disks as well as DVD+RW disks.

  The Sack 12:24 02 Oct 03

Update nero? click here

  Chegs ® 14:06 02 Oct 03

To enable you to use multisession,install InCD,with Nero.This allows you to use the DVD's as very big floppys. :-)

  Newuser4165 00:20 03 Oct 03

I have solved the Nero problem by upgrading to version 6.
Disks now burn properly.There was obviously a problem with Nero

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