Data recovery help

  Bike-it 21:50 29 Apr 07

I have an external hard drive which whenever i plug it into the computer a message appears asking me if i want to reformatt the drive, this promlem has only just started, i need to excess the data on the external HD as it belongs to my son, it is all his 1st year work from college , will a computer shop be able to get all the date off the HD.

  skidzy 22:07 29 Apr 07
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:00 29 Apr 07

File recovery :-
Badcopy Pro click here
CDCheck click here
Disk Investigator click here
PCInspector click here
R_Studio click here
Easyrecovery click here
Testdisc click here
Drive Rescue click here

  setecio 23:08 29 Apr 07

Bookmarked :)

  rodriguez 23:11 29 Apr 07

Try Fruit Bat /\0/\'s links first, but if they don't recover your data and if you don't mind paying for the file recovery software, I found a good one is GetDataBack (click here), just get the NTFS version if your drive is NTFS fomatted (which it probably will be) or the FAT version if the drive is FAT32 formatted. If you're not sure what your drive is formatted as, download both and see which gives the best results then just pay for the one that works to recover your stuff. I used this on a USB pen drive that had exactly the same error (it was caused by being unplugged when it wasn't safe to and it corrupted the file table) and it recovered every one of the files.

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