Data Recovery Cost?

  babybell 25 Apr 11

I have only had my 'WD - My Book' External Hard Drive for two months but this afternoon it has failed to power on. My PC is fine, but when I connect my external hard drive, the power light just flashes and it fails to boot up.

I have checked the WD website and it says this indicates a drive failure. I know its under warrenty, but I have so many photos and pictures on the drive I am sick with worry about getting them back?

How much would a data recovery company charge me to get the information back?

I have checked my warrenty and it says that WD accept no responsibility for recovery, so it looks like I'm forking out for this myself!!!

  rawprawn 25 Apr 11

Read this about data recovery

Data Recovery

  babybell 25 Apr 11

I already have, but I have been quote £800 to use their specialist service and the drive only cost £50 so I'd rather lose the warrenty and go somewhere else!

  bremner 25 Apr 11

Have you tried removing the drive from the enclosure and connecting directly to a computer?

  rawprawn 25 Apr 11

In that case bremmer is right, it's worth a try.

  babybell 25 Apr 11

No I havent tried that, whilst I'm ok about taking apart the hard-drive, I wouldnt want to start messing around with my laptop!

  onthelimit1 25 Apr 11

You don't need to - just get an adaptor cable so you can connect HDD direct to a USB port - an example link text

  Jollyjohn 25 Apr 11


I can recommend these Data recovery specialists. They charged me £370 to recover the data from a hard drive I had formatted and Partitioned!. They do offer a no recovery no fee option.

  bremner 25 Apr 11

baby bell

What part of the country are you in as I have experience of many recovery companies across the UK should that become necessary.

  babybell 25 Apr 11

I'm from the South West, Bristol/Bath area

  babybell 25 Apr 11

thanks Bremner, I'll wait to see what WD say then that might be an option.

The drive hasn't fallen so the drive should be perfectly sound, i think its just a problem with the power.


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