data loss on ext. hd

  drwho03 11:51 20 Nov 07

i have a 55gb ext. hd which has 54gb of data on it but when i open the folder it is empty, where has it gone, can anyone help

  Diemmess 12:08 20 Nov 07

Might just be failure of the USB to HD cable.
Have you a friend or opportunity to try plugging into his PC or laptop.

Better still if he has a similar USB External HD you could power from your own power supply but try his data cable.

I can't believe your drive has lost the data hence the suggestion to look for a data connection fault.
If power is not getting through, the computer would not even 'see' the drive.

  drwho03 15:37 20 Nov 07

power to computer is good as computer regonises drive which shows 55 gb used and 1.5 gb free but when you open said drive nothing is there

  Diemmess 16:30 20 Nov 07

Can you try a replacement cable for the USB line and have you tried seeing if there is any response when plugged into another computer altogether?

Failure of data leads and even USB ports are not common, but do happen.

  drwho03 17:23 20 Nov 07

have tried every thing even putting a different hd into case, and the other drive works in the same case

  DieSse 17:28 20 Nov 07

Perhaps it's there but hidden?

Change the View properties in Explorer to show hidden files.

  DieSse 17:30 20 Nov 07

"when i open the folder it is empty"

what folder is this - a folder on the external drive? - or do you just mean when click on the drive to show it's contents?

  drwho03 18:24 20 Nov 07

when i said open folder i meant open drive it is empty

  Jak_1 21:30 20 Nov 07

What do the drive properties show? Do you see any folders at all? Have you tried DieSse's suggestion of showing hidden folders: Control Panel > Folder option > View and tick 'Show hidden Files and Folders.

  drwho03 21:43 20 Nov 07

have tried showing hidden folders but no success

  drwho03 15:59 21 Nov 07

used easy recovery softwear and was success

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