Data Loss compensation?

  1248fixx 22 Aug 11

In April I purchased a Westen Digital 2TB internal SATA drive. I then moved (NOT COPIED) approx 1.4 TB of data onto it from 2 x 1Tb external drives. After only 3 months the new drive totally failed and I've just heard that a professional data recovery company were only able to retrieve about 100 Gb from it. I do understand that I can get a refund on the drive itself, but I've also been told that Western Digital cannot be persued for any compensation for the data loss, even though it was only 3 months old when it failed. Is this really true?

many thanks

  Taff™ 22 Aug 11

I`m afraid it probably is true. I had the same bitter experience with a Freecom Drive several years ago which failed within a couple of months. Fortunately I had another backup of most of the data but some archived stuff I lost. Most HDD manufacturers have limited warranty and consequential damage is certainly excluded.

  bremner 22 Aug 11

It is essential that any data you cannot afford to lose is on at least two storage devices.

Trying to persuade people of this is difficult...

...until they experience a total failure and accompanying data loss.

It is harsh but the loss of the data is your fault not Western Digitals

  spuds 22 Aug 11

If I recall rightly, there was a similar lost data question by another forum member a year or two ago. I think in the end they didn't get anywhere with resolving their problem, mainly because it would have cost more to try and retrieve the lost data that what the replacement hard drive was worth.

  BRYNIT 22 Aug 11

No Manufacturer would guarantee data loss from a Hard drive as the drive could last anything from a few minuets to several years.

As they cannot guarantee the product will be free from defects they give a guarantee against defective parts this can be 12+ month.

IMO if data is completely lost you have no proof the data was ever on the hard drive also how do you value the data.


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